Frankland Islands Cruise and Dive

The exciting Frankland Islands cruise and dive kicks off with guests being picked by a sleek air-conditioned coach that takes them to the town of Deeral. Here they are served with sweet drinks and delectable biscuits to munch as the exciting cruise is about to begin. They get into a boat that cruises along the Mulgrave River all the way to the mouth of the Coral sea.

SnorklingAs they cruise, they get entertained by the stories of the Yidiniji Aboriginal people. Mangroves also dot the entire area giving you this scenic view of awesome beauty. If lucky, guests will see animals resting on the mangrove trees as the tranquil wind blows serenity everywhere around it. Frankland Islands coral reefs are also a spectacular sight to behold.
The cruise includes a snorkeling tour, guided walk into the island, breakfast and lunch. All visitors are provided with beach tents to shelter away from the sun. Most people who have visited the place crown it as the ultimate Barrier Reef Cruise experience owing to the following factors:

1. The tour includes cruising through the river, getting an exciting reef and island experience as well as diving into the water.

2. The guides are friendly and ensure that all guests are safe.

3. The fee package includes a delectable lunch and breakfast.

4. Frankland Islands boast of a unique marine life experience.