Byron Bay Beaches

Byron Bay Beach

Australia is known for its great beaches and the coastal town of Byron Bay is a solid proof for this. Whether you want to swim, dive or surf you will find the place that suits you best. The Byron Bay beaches are clean and wild, and you won’t be stuck with too much people.There are also almost no buildings to spoil the view.
The variety is great as the town offers a total over 30 km of beaches that have different advantages. There are some patrolled ones which are perfect for a more relaxed family break, especially if you have children. Yet, if you prefer the more wild places you won’t be disappointed, as Byron Bay even has nudist and dog-friendly beaches.
The conditions are great for most of the year with the water temperatures varying from about 18C in the winter to 26C in the summer. The water is as clean as it gets and the sand is gentle, which completes the perfect experience.

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